Chick-fil-A has been serving some delicious chicken items for more than 5 decades now. It started its journey as a small food stall and is today one of the biggest fast-food restaurants in the world. MyCFAVisit Customer Satisfaction Survey is the online survey launched by the Chick-fil-A to make sure that the people love their services and the food items served by them.

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Have you been visiting Chick-Fill-A lately? Or are you a fan of CFA for long now? MyCFAVisit gifts you some delicious meals from the Chick-fil-A restaurant. Quite a great deal, isn’t it?

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You need to keep some points in the mind before participating in the MyCFAVisit Survey.

MyCFAVisit Survey- Things to Keep in Mind 

Here’s the list for you.

  1. Please make note that your MyCFAVisit Survey is handy. It is mandatory to have a MyCFAVisit Survey code. 
  2. To complete the survey as soon as possible after your visit. Kindly validate the code before it expires.
    MyCFAVisit Customer Survey
  3. You must be able to understand and write English or Spanish. If you don’t know these languages, take the help of someone who knows one of these.
  4. It won’t take more than 5 minutes so don’t delay just because you think it will take more time from your busy schedule.
  5. You must be at least 18 years old.

Step by Step Procedure To Participate MyCFAVisit Survey

Have a look at some of the basic steps needed to be followed to participate in MyCFAVisit Survey:

  1. You must have a computer, laptop, or a smartphone with an active internet connection.
  2. Ensure the device has a reliable, secure, and fast internet connection.
  3. Now open the browser and visit their official website,
  4. Kindly submit the survey code stamped on your receipt.
    MyCFAVisit Survey
  5. Some personal details will be inquired before participating in the MyCFAVisit Survey. And, please don’t panic a bit regarding the security of your details.
  6. Tap the “Finish” button. 
  7. You will be provided your coupon code within 24 hours of the completion of your survey. Kindly note it somewhere.
  8. You need to validate your coupon code on your next visit to the CFA to get some free delicious sandwiches.

Prerequisites to participate in the MyCFAVisit Survey

There are some prerequisites to be fulfilled to participate in the MyCFAVisit Survey. Those are listed below:

  1. A computer, PC, or a mobile phone with an active internet connection.
  2. Basic knowledge of the English or Spanish language.
  3. Your few minutes from the precious time.
  4. Your honesty while answering the survey questions.

I hope you have understood how to proceed with the survey. If you have any confusion with anything, you can drop a comment in the comment section below. Enjoy your free delicious sandwich. Cheers!

15 thoughts on “Survey”

  1. I staff was very friendly. The food was great and the staff came back to check on me. There all great.
    Serial number:

  2. I tried this survey and it locked me out for some reason,saying that my information was not correct.
    My serial # is

  3. I did the survey and never received a code back for my free sandwich. I did the survey on the 5th of March and I am still waiting. My code # is 8750304-04198-0842-0304/00. Is there anything you can do to help me get my free sandwich.

  4. 2 days is not long enough to do the survey. Every other restaurant gives 7 days. I finally got a free sandwich & was busy with grandkids over the weekend & didn’t get to the survey on time!
    I order every week in Ft Worth with my co-workers. Is there any way you can send me a link for a free sandwich or mail me a voucher? I’d appreciate it very much! Thanks
    Lora Mabry

  5. I got receipt for survey yesterday3 10 20 tried over and over still can’t get to survey! Called customer service, didn’t get any help there either!

  6. I received a receipt and I am attempting to put in the serial number in a saying that I already used it but I did not.
    7370202- 02608 – 1508-0312 – 09 Is my serial number one my receipt that I got on 3/12 /2020

  7. i recently moved to New York, but the service and quality of food is the same. ThankYou!

    Ps, I got a receipt with a survey number to complete, but it will not go through.

  8. I thought the Chicken, Egg, Cheese, Bagel meal came with Hash Browns. I ordered it this morning with a Granola Parfait and large coffee. My receipt is as follows:

    1 Meal-CEC Bagel 6.29
    Grn Parfait 2.60
    Coffee LG 0.56
    1 Hash Brn 1.15

    Sub. Total: 10.60
    Tax: 1.03
    Total: 11.63

    Should I have been charged the $1.15 +tax for Hash Browns?

    Thank you

  9. On Wednesday, July 22, 2020, at the Dulles Town Center Mall (#00720), Dulles, VA, during my first time at Store to this particular location, after ordering and paying for a small milkshake, then moments later deciding to order and pay for a salad, a man who appeared to be the manager, and not the original cashier who was preparing my milkshake, took my order, gave me both receipts and stated that I was eligible for a free sandwich if I took the included survey, at the site shown on the receipt. I saved the receipt, as I was at work, to complete at another time. I expected to do so within at least a weeks’ time, as most restaurant chains the survey (McDonalds, Churches, Popeye’s,…..) will allow. Last night, Saturday, 7/25/2020, I began the survey and surprisingly learned that the offer expired. I then, for the first time, read the survey requirements and saw that I only had two days to take the survey.

    Three things bother me about this, as a tenured customer.
    1. I was not informed that I only had two days to take the survey, in order to qualify for the reward, at the time that I was informed that the survey existed and that I could benefit from it
    2. As a person who works long hours and is a loyal customer, I am disappointed that you don’t take that into consideration when applying a short two day time limit, since I don’t eat only at Chick-fil-A everyday
    3. Most annoying is the fact that after I have proven my loyalty over the years, because no one seems to care about quality individual customer service (though as a customer service professional who started in 1979, I recognize that in today’s culture of blanketed poor customer service, world-wide, Chick-fil-A tries harder and does better than most retail establishments here in the U. S.), on top of the surprising ‘slap in the face’ of learning that the offer had expired, it appears that though I spend much money with Chick-fil-A, and I NOW HAVE TAKEN NEARLY 20 MINUTES TYPING IN FEEDBACK, the tactic will probably continue, as greed usually over shadows care.

    Customer care and quality of service has gone so far down in this country that I doubt that anyone at Chick-fil-A will even read this feedback, much less act upon the content points.


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