Bad Review from Catherine Kerr

Mycfavisit LogoI am disappointed that I was there on a Friday evening and had the receipt that was giving me an option to fill out a survey for a free chick fil a chicken sandwich– serial # 9800103-03642-1905-1025-97— but working Saturday and Sunday and going online Monday to complete the survey found that my offer expired. I am a loyal customer and one that uses my points that I earn when I scan my app for rewards and offer every so often.

I was wanting to comment on the items I purchased on Friday with my husband and my son when all of us purchased the original chicken sandwich meal except my husband substituting the fries for a side salad and when we got our food the side salad was sad-looking very little lettuce and nothing like what we usually get and my husband went to the front register to let them know and the person at the register looked at it and said that’s what they look like and they didn’t even offer to swap it or anything. My husband came back to the table and told me what they had said.

For the add’l that we pay for substituting for the side salad, I have never thought for the type of family-owned restaurant this is disappointed in the outcome. We have been coming to the chick Filet location in Valrico since it opened and never had the service we had that night.

Comment from Jake McLendon

Mycfavisit LogoI just had the worst service at north riverside. It started from a misunderstanding with multiple coupons, that’s cool and I paid for the rest. but the employees were acting like I was some criminal for having a coupon. The manager even tried to rush me out the drive Thru because I was trying to scan my app but it logged me out. I spend my money there all the time and I shouldn’t be treated like that. My receipt didn’t have a survey code either. I would love to speak to the store manager.

My transaction number was 2819946.

Store #03174 11/8/2019

Feedback from Barbara Harrell

Mycfavisit LogoI bought chickfila and receipt said free sandwich if do survey, valid thru 1-20-20. I did the survey, and wrote the code on my receipt. I went to Cartersville Ga drive thru. Waited in line, ordered, showed her coupon, she said take to window at pickup. The lady at pickup wouldnt take it, said dont accept anymore. I said it hasn’t expired. She said nope, wont take it. So ,irritated, I just drove off. I did everything right, I think chickfila should make it right.

Here is serial number on receipt.
And here was code given to me to show after survey

Comment from Denise Richards

Mycfavisit LogoThe Chick-fil-a In Bartonsville/Stroudsburg Is Without The Worst Restaurant To Eat In, It Doesn’t Matter If You Go In Or Go On Drive-thru Your Order Will Always Be Wrong, And If You Try To Make A Complaint It Gets You Nowhere, I Find Staff And Management To Be Extremely Rude, I Have Made Several Complaints About This Restaurant And I Have Never Ever Heard Back From Management Once, Now It’s A Shame Cause My Daughter Really Likes Eating At Chick Fil A, This Restaurant Is Fairly New To The Area, But As Of Right Now I Will Never Ever Go Back.

Mail id: [email protected]

Feedback from Christopher Khadaroo

Mycfavisit LogoI frequently visit this location for my go to order my food as my wife and enjoy the chicken sandwiches aplenty. I specifically, each time, request no pickles, well done, and cooked thoroughly so there is no sign of slimy chicken meat and that is, as requested, well done correctly. This time around, I had quite a few issues where my wife’s regular chic fil a sandwich had pickles, it was severely undercooked with pink and with the crunchy outer shell was falling off as it was moist to the touch and stuck to your fingers, and inedible to the point our dog wouldn’t eat it as a small bit that we offer each time to him (dog).

Complain from Regina M Branch

Mycfavisit LogoI stopped at Chick-fil-A on McKnight road Pa and had the WORST experience ever it started with the drive though the worker came and got the money before I got to the window and did not scan my rewards so she told me to go online and enter it so now I pull up to the window ( after repeating what I wanted)my order was wrong so she gave me my drink and told me to pull over and it will be brought out well the no salt Fry’s came out with no ketchup and no sandwich so she went back and I still had to get out and go in for my ketchup. This has been the worst service I have received out of all the others.

Bad Review from Fel. Gan

Mycfavisit LogoHad a breakfast meal today and I was a little disappointed in the quality of me and my sons meal. The biscuit sandwich I ordered had hard Colby jack, Hard biscuit, and the fried chicken patty tasted a little old. My sons meal number 1 chick fil a sandwich meal looked like it was flattened and the chicken patty looked like the oil was either old or was a little off for both our patty’s looked dark brown vs the golden brown we are used to seeing. We have been eating here for a while and this is my children’s favorite place to dine breakfast lunch or dinner and this has been a disappointing experience. Hate to have this impression for the next time we consider having chick fil a in the future. Hopefully this message finds your best interest in maintaining the high quality that we are used to seeing from this good organization. Thanks

Receipt Trans Seq No: 4669282
Location: Laguna Niguel California
Date: 12/27/2019
Time: 8:53:27

Comment from Carolyn Hemphill

Mycfavisit LogoI went to your store on 59 and west airport tonight. And I had the 2nd worst experience I have had since I’ve been going to this location. I would like for someone to get in touch with me because I am EXTREMELY unhappy with the way management handled the problem. And I don’t want anyone else to experience this cavalier attitude when a problem arises.

So I decided to review this on MyCFAVisit so that I can give some genuine feedback.

Survey from Cheryl Baird

Mycfavisit LogoI had done the survey,on January 23,2020 and got no response from nobody ,or even my email address:
[email protected]
Nothing was sent to me.
To my email for my free sandwich.
Is this how you’ll do the processing if nothing.
I am not the only one who has this situation
Can you’ll respond in the right manner?

Barbara outland Wants to Share Feedback

Mycfavisit LogoThis is second receipt for free sandwich after entering the fourth set of numbers it kicks you off and can’t go any further. We let the location know if this and they said try again. It’s doing the same thing on this receipt. We buy a lot of meals and this is upsetting. please help if you can to solve the problem with this.