Bad Review from Fel. Gan

Mycfavisit LogoHad a breakfast meal today and I was a little disappointed in the quality of me and my sons meal. The biscuit sandwich I ordered had hard Colby jack, Hard biscuit, and the fried chicken patty tasted a little old. My sons meal number 1 chick fil a sandwich meal looked like it was flattened and the chicken patty looked like the oil was either old or was a little off for both our patty’s looked dark brown vs the golden brown we are used to seeing. We have been eating here for a while and this is my children’s favorite place to dine breakfast lunch or dinner and this has been a disappointing experience. Hate to have this impression for the next time we consider having chick fil a in the future. Hopefully this message finds your best interest in maintaining the high quality that we are used to seeing from this good organization. Thanks

Receipt Trans Seq No: 4669282
Location: Laguna Niguel California
Date: 12/27/2019
Time: 8:53:27

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